• Please, Suck So Hard

    If you want to be creative, then first you need to give yourself permission to suck. One you do, a world of new options will open for you.

  • When a Story Isn’t a Story

    The basics of storytelling aren’t difficult to grasp, but some storytellers still seem to do everything in their power to skip the “story” part of the story.

  • 5 Common Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur

    So they say knowing is half the battle, right? Well, someone said it somewhere once and I’m gonna go with it. There are a couple of common writing mistakes that will instantly peg you as a novice to any agent or editor, but are really easy to fix if you know what they are. I’ve […]

  • Spangly words do not good writing make

    Not long ago, I had the pleasure, or displeasure, of a reviewing a manuscript that used the phrase “from whence it came.” This was not in jest. The writer was serious. And that was a big problem.

  • 100+ Deadwood Phrases To Cut From Your Writing

    This list is evolving. Have suggestions? Leave a comment and I’ll update as we go. Making these small changes in your copy—be it fiction or non (news writers are so guilty of so many of these)—will lead to clarity and brevity, hallmarks of excellent writers. It won’t be easy at first. We use these phrases […]