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Justin McLachlanJournalist. Writer. Superhero.

Okay, maybe not that last one.

I tell stories. My non-fiction work has appeared in Popular Science, Wired, and San Diego Citybeat, among others. My first novel, Time Up, was published in 2011 followed by the second book in the series, This Time Around in 2013. I hope that the third book, Time and Again, will be completed early next year. I published Treknology: Star Trek’s Tech 300 Years Ahead of the Future, my first non-fiction, in 2013, as well.

I’m from a small town just south of Pittsburgh, though I’ve spent most of my adult life in San Diego, Morgantown, W.Va. and now, Washington

Justin McLachlan in Iceland

In Iceland in 2012, at the Skógafoss waterfall.

D.C. I received a bachelor’s degree in 2003 from Taylor University in mass communication and my Master’s degree in journalism from West Virginia University in 2008. My first job out of school was as a reporter/producer and sometimes anchor for a small cable television station in Uniontown, Pa. From there I became a staff writer at the Times West Virginian, a tiny daily paper about 30 minutes south of Morgantown, where I caused as much trouble as I could before heading back to school.

In San Diego, I was super fortunate to get to know the staff at San Diego Citybeat, where I became a regular contributor. I did some of my best work there, stories I’m still proud of, like this one one an immigrant who languished in detention and this one on the antigay shenanigans of a then candidate for city council.

In 2012, I received a grant from the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities to turn one of my short fiction stories, Superhero, into a scripted web series. It debuted as a stage reading at the Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint in DC in May 2013, and is in preproduction. This last August, we shot one of the very first scenes to help with development and fundraising.

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