Men Naked on TV and In Movies? We Got That, Says New Website

A while back I wrote about the seeming comfort the respondents in my public nudity survey had about naked men on television. Then, I got a message from the creators of Mr. Skin — a database that tracks every single moment a woman has stripped down on-screen. They’ve just launched Mr. Man — a database that, yes, tracks every single man who gets naked, too. You can click through, but… it’s undeniably NSFW. It’s also not free.

I’ve not paid their monthly fee to see what the site consists of beyond the front page, but it seems a combination of old and new, obvious and not obvious, popular and obscure, tame and not-tame, soft and in some cases, very hard (there’s a real sex category that seems… real). Seriously, though, I’ve not heard of many of the films they’re talking about. I mean, who knew Tim Robbins once thought it was a good idea to bare his ass on-screen?

Mr. Man
A new database of all the men naked on TV and in movies—or just porn? Probably just porn. Mostly just porn probably.

Anyway, my first thought is that this is pretty much a porn site wrapped up in a more mainstream package. You can’t feel that guilty when it’s all stuff you could’ve seen in theater’s right? Well then you haven’t seen Shortbus. But… if their database is as complete as they say, and it offers decent search functions… maybe there’s some research possibilities there. Really, there is so little research on nudity as it is, even less as it pertains to mass communication and far, far less as it pertains to men. There’s definitely an opportunity for some content analysis, here.